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100 years of BBC

This November 2022 the BBC is celebrating their 100-year anniversary. You can listen to a range of programmes on the history of the corporation via the BBC World Service. The story starts with the radio station 2LO in central London. This was built and operated by the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company opening on May 11th,…

Time Pips

Please note that the Time Pips from the BBC are delayed a few seconds or so due to network delays from the UK to our transmitters.


We’re testing RDS on the Waikanae transmitter. Note that we transmit a mono service only.

Hello world!

Welcome to AREC FM at the bottom of the FM dial. This new website replaces the original site at Waikanae.live which outlived it usefulness. We’ve just concluded arrangements for carrying the BBC World Service and we will be transmitting this shortly. Stay tuned!